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May 07 2013


7th Grader: “Is that phone a 3G or a 4G?”

Me: “It’s a zero-G.”

7: “Are you serious!?!”

My kids are always concerned about my lack of coolness and technology. They normally look at me with a mix pitying looks and judgement when they see my old phone, but I think I completely blew their minds today when they realized it doesn’t connect to the internet at all!

In other news, I absolutely hate the science fair. I know I am supposed to think otherwise as a middle school science teacher, but unless I do all 70 projects myself it just won’t turn out well. I just think there are more important things to focus on when my kids are so far behind. I know, I know… I’m supposed to take ownership and solve the problem. I am trying to make the process go as smoothly as possible… staying after with kids to work, giving them a detailed rubric, etc… I am just still not convinced that it is the cure for the achievement gap. ;)

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