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Apr 04 2013

At some point…

At some point during the year I stopped posting. (You can look at the date for yourself.)

Life is crazy and maybe I need to be on here to reflect more… but I am currently on Spring Break at my parent’s house in the rural South.

I’ve been going back and forth with myself about teaching for a 3rd year. This year has arguably been more crazy (though the workload does seem at least a bit easier). If you ask me tomorrow my answer may be different, but today I don’t think I can teach a 3rd year (at least right away).

Isn’t it a bad sign when I have to completely leave my state to find somewhere that I can relax? That is the feeling that makes it hard to justify teaching another year.

This year teachers have quit my school left and right. Teachers have been fired. Schedules have changed…. over and over again. I am a science teacher. Oh yeah, and suddenly math & reading too. Buildings (and complete grade levels) have closed. My kids have lacked a sense of consistency that they deserve in school.

I am not sure if this supports the argument against TFA… being another number that does the 2 years and leaves. But I know this time has given me stronger views on the education system. And I know that because of the support from TFA my students had me for at least 2 years. And sadly, in my school’s environment that is a whole lot longer than many other teachers.

At some point… I need to actually finish a grad school application. Conflicted.

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  1. Hannah

    Don’t forget that making it through those two years, after everything, has been a feat of its own! Sending you much love (and jealousy for the much warmer weather you are currently enjoying)! <3

    • Thanks Hannah! It has definitely been a couple years of ups and downs! And I appreciate you for having to listen to many of them! ;-) The South was nice and warm, but today is back to the grind. Oh boy! Hope all is well with you!

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