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Oct 19 2012

Whiteboard Messages

Whiteboard love messages… the day my kiddos found out the school was closing (and it was their last day).

From a new 9th grader who used to get into fights at his old school and whose mother said this was the first place that he actually looked forward to going to school.

… I am checking in with him and hoping that things are going smoothly at his new school.


This note started out from one of my students who was still deciding how much she liked science/ my class… and ended up being ‘signed’ by the entire 9th grade girls class.

I take this as an overall compliment. =)


From one of my 10th grade boys (in my advisory).

He says “I love you” twice in a row as well. =)

It has been about a month since the transition. My students are adjusting to their new schools and I still see several of them when they stop by after school (most of them went to the same charter school… where I can check up on them with other TFA teachers, and they get picked up and dropped off by a bus right in front of the school building where I am currently located).

I am adjusting to middle school and am excited to really dive into ‘real’ content since state standardized testing ended this week. Things are starting to feel more normal for me and my kids in their new classroom, though I still am a little nervous about transitions and trying to keep things consistent for them. For example, yesterday I took a sick day and the leading 7th/ 8th grade theories weren’t that I was sick but rather that I was either

1. laid off

2. pregnant/ having a baby because I am married

I know it is a symptom of the changes, but I must admit that I love middle school logic. =)

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