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Sep 27 2012


So… I don’t have time for a real update… or anything for that matter, but my school has gone through significant changes recently.

I am a middle school science teacher again.

I had to say goodbye to the high schoolers that I was so excited to teach for the 2nd year in a row. And say goodbye to the hope and excitement of really pushing them to grow in biology and chemistry. It isn’t easy to let kids go into the world when you thought you had at least the rest of the year to push them and care about them…. and worry about them.

Several amazing teachers lost their jobs… TFA and non-TFA.

There is something really wrong with a system where so many schools in a city shut down in the middle of a year.

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  1. Hannah

    Oh no! How are you doing with it? (At least you have a lot of materials ready to go for your middle schoolers?)

    • Umm… trying to fake it. I had a horrendous observation with my MTLD because I wasn’t prepared. But I am hoping to have more than 1 planning period next week so I can catch up and breathe. And lots of late nights at the TFA office. My stuff from the beginning of last year is awful because I got hired right before school and had to throw it together for lack of a better reality.

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