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Sep 11 2012


Grading diagnostics can be really overwhelming. It really helps put the amount of work I have to do into perspective. Yes, I am speaking of the general science skills variety of test, not the do this complicated chemistry problem you have never seen before type of test.

In other news…

I have planning periods!!!! 5 days a week! My principal created a new schedule that will work out pretty well for me. (I think… And hope!) ¬†Two of my classes were combined to help make this happen, but is is almost an average sized class since enrollment is low for that grade.

I love the teachers and fellow CMs at my school this year! And having a partner (and fellow CM) in the science department is amazing! He is arguably much more helpful to me than I am to him with all my vast (heh) second year knowledge.

I spent the weekend working at the TFA office and am still behind. So much for organization 2nd year. But lesson planning is so much more enjoyable with fellow CMs around.

I still am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. No update there. Still confused.


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