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Sep 07 2012

Looking up

So I have made it through the first 3 days of school. The feeling is much different returning than starting a new career in a new school as I did last year. At the same time it is still stressful… especially without any planning periods. (This will hopefully change by Monday…)  Today definitely had stressful moments, but because I often focus on the negative I wanted to remind myself of the little things that make the long hours and stress worth it.

*This year I have a science department. (Myself and another CM!)

*This year I already know many of my kiddos. And get to see how much they have grown over the summer!

*Today I heard the most sincere sounding “My apologies.” from a new student when I sent the class back outside to practice walking in silently since they didn’t quite remember the directions the first time.

*During the same period I established a new rule (only because it hadn’t been brought up before) that I only ‘friend’ students on facebook after they graduate…. after comparing ‘neural networks’ to ‘social networks’. Advantage: New incentive to graduate? …and it gives me another 3+ years.

*Seeing students who have gone to new high schools come back and say hi… including the student who grew the most in science last year. He says his grades are “good” (granted it is the first week) and after being forced to clarify we determined that it was my definition of “good” and not his… as we established last year they are two different things.



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  1. Oh, I’m so glad! I hope you get those planning periods next week!

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