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Aug 10 2012

No Offense…

No offense TFA, but tomorrow when I have to come back for our First 8 Weeks kick-off I would much rather be at puppy play day. You see, my puppy has just decided that she actually wants to play with other puppies (after kind-of watching for 3 weekly sessions). And I think she’s pretty darn adorable.

I already know what you’re going to say. I’ve heard it before… we’re going to talk about changing lives and the city of Detroit. And don’t worry, I believe I am making a difference in my classroom, but I would rather make that difference working on plans from my couch… after watching my puppy make friends.

I’m not trying to be negative… I really am at a better place than I was last year, but I could use a little more time with all the new surprises that have been sent my way this week. (Side note: I will be teaching 3 grades again this year.)

I am excited about tomorrow for a few reasons:

1. I get to meet the new teachers who I will be working with next year. (Yay for a 2nd science teacher! I know my identity isn’t really a secret here.)

2. I’ll get an idea of how many 2011 CMs are left. (But I won’t see several of my closest friends from last year… bummer.)

3. I get to wear semi-professional clothes again… after I un-bury them from the bottom of my closet.

Ok… so two reasons.

3 Responses

  1. Wess

    I was gonna say. #3 would definitely be a BOO factor for me.

  2. Hannah

    Oh wow – summer flew by! Hoping to see puppy pictures soon!

    Thinking of you today; hope it went well! Any turnover in leadership/MTLDs?

    • Hannah, I will definitely have to upload some pictures to Facebook as soon as she decides to sit still long enough to take some. ;) Sessions so far this year have gone well. I think I am, despite my ‘complaints’ above, really excited with the people that I am working with this year. I do have a new MTLD, and there have been several additions to the staff since we brought in lots of 2012 CMs. …the 2011 crowd looks pretty small, especially in comparison. We have many of the same people in leadership, some of the MTLDs from last yar seem to have taken over new leadership positions.

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