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Aug 04 2012

Time Flies…

Summer is almost over. I soon will be heading back to work. More TFA sessions, more professional development, my 2nd year of teaching.

I’m not going to lie. I’m a little unmotivated, but hopefully that will change as I am starting to feel like it’s game time. Reflecting, the favorite TFA thing to do, on my last year I know I have come a long way. But I’m still anxious about my 2nd year. It took me quite some time to get my management to where it needed to be last year. I know I have learned from it, but I am still a little nervous about starting the year out properly. The stakes are high this year… for my kids and for me.

This is the year where I figure out my career. Will I continue to teach? Maybe. Not if this year is as difficult as last year. Am I really ready for a Ph.D. program? Which one? Decisions. Ones I don’t have time to prioritize as I am planning out my chemistry and biology curriculums. (Or watch the Olympics.)

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