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May 29 2012

“You’re not going to quit!?!”

During my 9th grade girls biology class the subject came up as to whether or not I would be at my school next year. In response, I said “Yes, I will be here next year.”

This was followed up with a “you for sure have a job here next year?!” (said by one of my students who probably wishes otherwise)

“Yep.” (At least it is looking that way after a positive end of the year evaluation and talks of added responsibilities and classes in the fall.)

“You’re not going to quit!?!”, she followed up incredulously.

I shrugged and in my most casual tone replied, “No, why would I do that?”

I’m going to teach next year despite the valiant attempts of too many of my students to run me from my classroom.

I’m going to teach because, honestly, they are used to non-African-American teachers giving up on them and leaving the school.

I’m going to teach because this year has been a struggle, I have shed tears, but I have also watched myself and my students grow.

Some of my closest friends in TFA… those that helped keep me sane throughout the year… have quit and left the program. I don’t write to say that is the wrong way to approach the matter. And I’m not writing to say that my approach is the best. Each person must make the best decision for themselves and their students.

I’m just writing to say that some of my kids just got really bummed… and they haven’t even seen the new-and-improved procedures and higher expectations coming when they move with me to chemistry in the fall! =)

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  1. Hannah

    Your students (those that don’t already) will come to appreciate it, especially after they get so much better at chemistry! Are you still going to be teaching three grade levels next year or have they decided on a saner schedule? I’m so excited that you’ll get to see your kids keep improving!

    • Thanks Hannah! They are planning on hiring a 2nd science teacher so I will just be teaching biology and chemistry. (!!!!!!)

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